"RENTAL" is a great way for you to keep up to date with the latest technology and without the worry of any technical problems.

When you "RENT" from Stuart Westmoreland you have complete peace of mind. Any problems with your "RENTED" equipment and were just one phone call away.

Call any of our branches and we'll arrange for one of our trained engineers to come out and get you back up and running again.

"RENTAL" means you dont have to worry about expensive call out charges or any repair costs.

With "RENTAL" you only have an 18 month minimum contract per item, this means you can keep up to date to the latest TV's.


24" LED TV
Panasonic TX24C300B 24" LED TV £7.95
Panasonic TX24CS500B 24" LED TV £11.95
Samsung UE24J4510 24" LED TV £11.95
32" LED TV
Panasonic TX32C300B 32" LED TV £10.95
Panasonic TX32CS510B 32" LED TV £14.95
Samsung UE32J4510 32" LED TV £15.95
40" LED TV
Panasonic TX40C300B 40" LED TV £13.95
Panasonic TX40CS520B 40" LED TV £16.95
43" LED TV
Sony KD43X8307CSU 43" 4K LED TV £34.95
48" LED TV      
Panasonic TX48CX400B 48" LED TV £25.95
Samsung UE48JU7000TXXU 48" 4K LED TV £44.95
49" LED TV      
Sony KD49X8305CBU  49" 4K LED TV  £44.95 
50" LED TV      
Panasonic TX50CX680B 50" LED TV £36.95
Panasonic TX50CX802B 50" 4K LED TV £49.95
55" LED TV      
Panasonic TX55CR430B  55" 4K Curved LED TV  £49.95 
Sony KD55X8509CBU 55" 4K LED TV £59.95
Panasonic TX55CR852B 55" 4K Curved LED TV £74.95
Samsung UE55JS8500TXXU 55" 4K Curved LED TV £74.95
65" LED TV      
Samsung UE65JU7500TXXU  65" 4K Curved LED TV  £89.95 

18 Month Minimum Contact -  3 Months Advance Payment Required - Terms and Conditions Apply, Subject to Status - See in store for more details.