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Ruark Audio

At Ruark they are passionate about sound and design! As a family owned British company, they have worked within the UK audio industry for over 30 years, creating high quality loudspeaker systems for music and audio enthusiasts.With evocative names such as Talisman, Equinox and Solstice, there award winning designs have long been sought after and admired world-wide.

Using the same exacting standards, in 2004 they made a radical decision to diversify and apply there expertise to design a small range of high quality radio based products, with thee main goals. 

Mission. To design and produce products that appeal to the heart as much as the head. Products that they themselves would be proud to own.

Design. To create design icons of the future! Clean lines and proportions allied to unique features such as there 'RotoDial' control system make the products instantly recognisable and give them a distinctive brand identity.

Performance & Functionality. There goal is for class leading performance, intuitive operation and utilities that are of real benifit, rather than frivolous features that may seldom be used.

Since launching in 2006 there models have quickly become recognised as the finest available. The Sunday Telegraph described there R1 as  "the Aston Martin of DAB radios". This sentiment succinctly decribes there philosophy and they belive that there products are an investment which you will cherish and enjoy for years to come.


Ruark R4i

R4i intergrated music system

One glance at R4i and you'll desire one! Listen and this emotion grows, because R4i produces a majestic sound that you simply will not expect from such a neat design.

Comprising a multi format CD player, iPod dock, USB playback port, DAB/DAB+/ FM tuner and auxiliary inputs allied to a powerful speaker system, the R4i is in many ways a traditional music centre, though one designed and engineered for 21st Century living.

With no wires other than a power lead to worry about, simply plug in, switch on and within minutes you'll have room filling sound that will satisfy even the most discerning listener.

Through careful design Ruark endeavour to make their products a pleasure to use. Employing there trademark 'RotoDial' controller, all R4i and iPod functions can be intuitively operated. Exclusively for R4i they've take the 'RotDial' controller a stage further so it can be detached and function as a great looking remote control. With its tactile design, it feels comfortable to hold and is a guaranteed talking point.

To create systems which they belive are the finest available, they design every aspect of there products here in the UK. As an example, most small audio systems use amplifier modules for ease of construction and cost however, for R4i they developed its own 2.1 amplifier system using discrete component technology. This method is usually only found in specialist 'Hi-Fi' components, but to obtain the best performance they knew that this was the only choice. With there years of experiance in loudspeaker design and meticulous optimisation, voices and music are reproduced with clarity and realism, in a soundstage that truly belies the R4i's compact dimensions.


  R4 Walnut
Ruark R4 Walnut :